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The Laborers’ District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania offers training for journeyman in five major skill areas. Training is held within the geographic area of the local union offices as a convenience to its members.
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Cutting & Burning

How to work properly and safely with oxy-acetylene torches is the primary focus of this four-day course. Laborers learn about protective clothing, equipment set-up, operation and how to avoid potential hazards. Much of this course is hands on, with laborers using up-to-date equipment and learning to wear the required protective clothing.

Mason Tending & Forklift Safety

This is an area which requires advanced skills on the job site. Our five-day course covers estimating material, mixing mortar and erecting scaffolding, with an emphasis on safety. In addition, laborers operate a forklift each day with instruction simulating the procedures performed on mason tending jobs. The certified instructor works individually with all laborers until they can operate the equipment safely and comfortably on their own.

Hazardous Waste Remediation

Environmental changes have opened up opportunities in this new sophisticated area of work. In this course laborers learn different ways to identify hazards and the health effects associated with these hazards. In addition, different types of respiratory protection and protective clothing is explained. Classroom instruction prepares the attendees for field exercises, which provides experience working in protective equipment during cleanup operations. Those who successfully complete this 80-hour course will be certified to work in these high paying jobs.

Lead Abatement

Future jobs for laborers will also be found in the area of lead abatement. This course trains laborers to remove lead paint safely and teaches them how to detect the presence of lead and its properties. To avoid potential hazards of lead paint, laborers learn how to use different respirators and protective clothing. The class will construct a lead paint environment and simulate the removal procedures.

Asbestos Abatement

In this course, laborers learn about the hazards of asbestos and how to protect themselves from airborne fibers. Members learn about different respirators and how to wear and maintain them. In groups they perform hands on simulated asbestos removal jobs by enclosing the work areas and setting up decontamination areas. All of the equipment required by OSHA, NIOSH and EPA is included. Successful completion of the course certifies laborers to go on future asbestos abatement jobs.

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