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1.     How are the training classes scheduled?

Answer:  Aside from the Apprenticeship training classes that are required to be scheduled on a periodic basis by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all Journey worker classes are put into a schedule by request from any of our Local Unions or Signatory Contractors at any time during the year.


2.     When are classes scheduled?

Answer:  Based on historical data with participation and the incompatible weather that results in less work, most of our Journey worker classes are scheduled during the Fall, Winter and Early Spring so that the Laborers can attend if they are laid off because of these seasonal conditions.


3.     Is there any wages paid to Laborers' that attend training classes?

Answer:  There are no wages paid to Laborers' that attend training.  However, there is a mileage reimbursement up to a maximum of $25.00 per day.  The mileage is based on the governmental rate and includes round trip miles, but may not meet the $25.00 threshold if travel distances are short.


4.     Who is eligible to attend training classes?

      AnswerApprenticeship Training:  Apprenticeship training classes are by invitation only and those attending must be registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Apprenticeship council and be in good standing in our Apprenticeship Program.


Journey Worker Classes:  Members in good standing and Apprentices in the Laborers' International Union of North America as well as Signatory Contractor Employees that are represented as Laborers, in the Collective Bargaining Unit can attend training classes.  However, Signatory Contractor Employees and Members outside the Laborers' District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania are not eligible to receive the mileage reimbursement.


5.     If I attend a training class am I eligible to receive a Training Fund tee shirt?

AnswerApprentice Classes:  Apprentices that attend required Apprenticeship classes become eligible to receive a Training Fund tee shirt after one year of Apprenticeship when they attend their next training class.


Journey Workers:  Journey Workers that attend Training classes are eligible to receive one tee shirt per year (when the Board of Trustees approves shirt purchases).  The tee shirt year begins June 1 each year.


6.     Is there a dress code for attending training classes?

Answer:  Yes, there are rules for attire at the training classes just as there are requirements on attire when going to work.  The rules are put into place to protect all the parties involved with conducting quality training programs that include hands-on activities.  When one attends a class they must dress like they are going to work.  Shorts, cut-off trousers, tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals and tank tops are NOT appropriate attire for training classes.


7.     What time do training classes begin:

Answer:  All day time training classes begin at 8:00 A.M. and conclude at 4:30 P.M. unless changed by the Instructor or Director.  Evening classes begin at 5:00 P.M. and conclude at 9:00 P.M. unless changed by the Instructor or Director.  The Training Fund Office hours are 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday except holidays and severe weather conditions.


8.     Do I need to register with the Training Fund Office before attending the classes?

AnswerApprenticeship Training:  Yes, we will inform each Apprentice that is scheduled for training by U.S. Postal mail about 30 days prior to the class at the last known address we have on file.  At the top of the letter it will give directions to call and register.  (It is important to change your address with the Training Fund if you move).


Journey Workers:  Yes, our policy is to have enrollment of at least five trainees prior to conducting a training class because of finances.  If one sees a class on the schedule on the website, it may be canceled if we do not receive registered trainees.  However, with required Refresher Training we will conduct a refresher class for less than five since we have an investment in the prior initial class training.


9.     Where are the training classes held?

      Answer:  The training classes are held at the following locations:


            Laborers' Local 1180                          Lackawanna Technical Center

            524 South 22nd Street                           1300 Old Plank Road

            Harrisburg, PA  17104                         Mayfield, PA  18433


            Laborers' Local 1174                          Trout Run Firehouse

            465 Allentown Drive                           Rt. 15 & 14

            Allentown, PA  18103                         Trout Run, PA  17771


      Please call the Training Fund Office for directions if needed.

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