Welcome to the Laborers' District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania.

     The union laborer's world is constantly changing, and the demand for skilled, safe workers is stronger than ever. Changes in technology, increased competition and a variety of environmental and political issues are all affecting the construction industry. Laborers who recognize this as an opportunity are taking full advantage of training and other union benefits that will prepare them for a secure, productive future.

     Area locals and union contractors have joined forces to create the Laborers' District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania Education & Training Fund — a program designed to provide laborers with advanced skills in a variety of job situations, and thus qualify them for more work and higher wages.

     It is well known that the members with the most training get the majority of the work. Therefore, our primary focus is training for the highest quality standards to meet the demands of the modern-day construction environment. Training is provided in convenient locations across Pennsylvania, using certified instructors and up-to-date equipment in modern, simulated work sites as well as in the classroom.

For the Apprentice....

     Now is the time to start planning for a secure future. Skilled laborers that take pride in their work are found in the union. The road to journeyman status is a challenging and exciting one at the Laborers' District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania. Earn while you learn a variety of skills and safety procedures that will prepare you for a productive career in the construction industry. The more skills you learn, the more you will be in demand by top contractors.

For the Journeyman...

     Journeymen that have been with us up to twenty years and longer understand the benefits of continued training in our program. With constant changes in equipment, safety regulations and competition from non-union contractors, they recognize how polishing their skills increases their value to contractors. They also realize how the union has completed the package by providing medical benefits, a pension, and a renewed respect for the role of the skilled laborer.

For the Contractor...

     Productivity, quality and safety are what keeps our contractors profitable. The Laborers' District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania prides itself on sending qualified, safe and productive workers to job sites ready to work. We have pools of qualified workers that are constantly in demand by some of Pennsylvania's largest contractors. Contractors know to expect the highest quality standards from our skilled, educated workers.

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